Still under work. This group is just getting going, but we will have our info up in the next few days.

Some Reading:

In case you want a bit of cited info to start thinking about CU's chancellor:

  1. Despite growing concern over access issues for lower-income students to CU Boulder, DiStefano disapproved of capping our rising tuition against the Regent's Boards interest in doing so.
  2. Let's further consider that part of DiStefano's claims toward better accounability and access via the Flagship 2030 plan was that he made a "Permanent Engagement Structure" to create productive dialogue between students, faculty, and staff. Unfortunately, despite his claims of progress, the PERMANENT engagement structure hasn't met since 2012
  3. Just recently, DiStefano likened the tactics of hate blogger Milo Yiannopoulis to inviting a supreme court justice to campus. He said discrimination and harrassment have no place on campus; though Milo, in his talk, encouraged fat people to kill themselves and said "being Muslim is almost as stupid as being fat."
  4. In case you wonder how accounable DiStefano is, let's consider his recent apology for a domestic violence case that was brought to his desk, but decided wasn't worth investigating. But hey, he apologized so, I guess, he cares..