Who are we?

We are a concerned group of the CU community who believes we must improve accountability and transparency within our University. We are tired of witnessing talk with no action, lack of process and transparency, and no real dialogue about how to commit our campus to the values higher education aspires toward. Furthermore, we have no student newspaper, a shutdown faculty newspaper, and poor systems of campus communication. Our goal is to get the university to live up to its words through a campaign aiming to change how CU is run.

If you have witnessed or know of unaddressed misconduct or corruption at CU (eg., unaddressed harassment or discrimination, dubious research integrity, poor teaching quality) please tell us about it here.

Are you also part of a group that is organizing at CU right now? Please get in touch with us as we'd love to connect you to other groups and help you get your message out!

Email us at whorunscu@gmail.com to join us or to get information.